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Welcome to Yue’s Homepage

Yue He

PHD. Candidate at Forth Year

Lab of Media and Network

Department of Computer Science and Technology, THU

Address: Room 9-316, East Main Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, P.R.China

Contact to me:


Hi! I’m now a forth year PhD student in Department of Computer Science and Technology in Tsinghua University, directed by Prof. Peng Cui. Before that, I got my B.E. degree from BUAA in 2018 with 3 times of National Scholarship for 4 successive years.

I have board interests in Data Mining and Machine Learning. I am particularly interested in Causal Discovery, Stable Learning, Out-of-Distribution Generalizaion and Network Computing.


We released a dataset, named NICO , for non-i.i.d. image classification.


Yue He, Xinwei Shen, Renzhe Xu, Tong Zhang, Yong Jiang, Wenchao Zou, Peng Cui. Covariate-Shift Generalization via Random Sample Weighting. AAAI, 2023. (Coming Soon)

Yue He, Zimu Wang, Peng Cui, Hao Zou, Yafeng Zhang, Qiang Cui, Yong Jiang. CausPref: Causal Preference Learning for Out-of-Distribution Recommendation. The WebConf, 2022. (paper)

Yue He, Peng Cui, Zheyan Shen, Renzhe Xu, Furui Liu, Yong Jiang. DARING: Differentiable Causal Discovery with Residual Independence. KDD, 2021. (paper)

Yue He, Yancheng Dong, Peng Cui, Yuhang Jiao, Xiaowei Wang, Ji Liu, Philip Yu. Purify and Generate: Learning Faithful Item-to-Item Graph from Noisy User-Item Interaction Behaviors. KDD, 2021. (paper)

Yue He, Peng Cui, Jianxin Ma, Zou Hao, Xiaowei Wang, Hongxia Yang and Philip S. Yu. Learning Stable Graphs from Multiple Environments with Selection Bias. KDD, 2020. (paper)

Yue He, Zheyan Shen, Peng Cui. Towards Non-I.I.D. Image Classification: A Dataset and Baselines. Pattern Recognition, 2020. (paper)

Xingxuan Zhang, Yue He (co-first author), Renzhe Xu, Han Yu, Zheyan Shen, Peng Cui. NICO++: Towards Better Benchmarking for Domain Generalization. Arxiv Preprint. (paper)

Han Yu, Peng Cui, Yue He, Zheyan Shen, LIN Yong, Renzhe Xu, Xingxuan Zhang. Independence-based Sample Reweighting with Sparsity Constraint.AAAI, 2023. (Coming Soon)

Zimu Wang, Yue He, Jiashuo Liu, Wenchao Zou, Philip Yu, Peng Cui. Invariant Preference Learning for General Debiasing in Recommendation. KDD, 2022. (paper)

Shen, Z., Liu, J., He, Y., Zhang, X., Xu, R., Yu, H., Cui, P. (2021). Towards Out-Of-Distribution Generalization: A Survey. arXiv preprint arXiv:2108.13624.(paper)

Xingxuan Zhang, Peng Cui, Renzhe Xu, Linjun Zhou, Yue He, Zheyan Shen. Deep Stable Learning for Out-Of-Distribution Generalization. CVPR, 2021. (paper)

Hao Zou, Peng Cui, Bo Li, Zheyan Shen, Jianxin Ma, Hongxia Yang, Yue He. Counterfactual Prediction for Bundle Treatments. NeurIPS, 2020. (paper)

Yuqing Ma, Yue He, Fan Ding, Sheng Hu, Jun Li, Xianglong Liu. Progressive Generative Hashing for Image Retrieval. IJCAI, 2018. (paper)